Frank Williams

winter evening
his shadow at the window
suddenly moves

Presence 7

new moon in mist
stepping from the house
to the smell of smok

Presence 8

almost dusk
   in a blue sky clouds
tinted with sun

Presence 11

october morning ...
I’m in front but losing
the shadow race

Presence 14

hangover—on the plane
the friendly passenger
                    chatters on

Presence 15

for a moment
the rolling leaf
is a squirrel

Presence 18

football game
before starting the boy decides
who he’s going to be

Presence 18

another tube strike
in the crowded street
a steady drizzle

Presence 19

half asleep
half awake—this dark
rolling dream

Presence 20

through the window,
a bird made of sunlight
keeps pace with our train

Presence 28

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