To drums ringing out
Across the stubble fields—
Shriek of the shrike.

Magome, 31.11.04

Something tells me
This is home—
Perhaps the mountain pigeon
Cooing in the pines.

Yamanaka, Yamanashi, 29.8.74

Rainy dusk
Damp, grey, still—
The fruit bat alone
Ventures out.

train, Kalawewa–Mahawa, 5.10.77

Easter night—
Beneath the comet
Two strays sporting in the fields;
A chained dog howls.

Kitasaga, Kyoto, 30.3.97

Autumn dusk—
A crow has come to perch
On the losers’ goalposts.

Regent’s Park, London, 5.10.07

Dresssed like a doll
Under the immensity
Of the autumn sky,
She bites her lip
And I wonder why.

bus, between Mito &Hitachi, 10.10.81

Rain on the wind—
In landing and folding its wings
The curlew’s cry subsides.

Forest of Bowland, 18.6.06

Well after sunrise ...
A church-crowned hill
Still clinging
To its shawl of mist.

Guimaraes, Portugal, 7.9.04

The tolling of bells
Over rolling hills:
Long evening sun.

Siena, Tuscany, 11.8.79

They cannot speak,
The people on the night lantern boats:
The moon has risen.

Oi River, Kyoto, 14.9.08

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