Alan J Summers

cloudstreaked horizon
lowering red autumn sun
over a tanker

Presence 1

front garden
mottled in shade
a tortoiseshell cat

Presence 2

open window
the cat dozes
half in half out

Presence 3

the grimace
of the roadside cat
its last

Presence 5

the camp fire burns the misty moon halved by thin cloud

Presence 4

outside the pub
following my walk toward home
cat from a wheelie-bin

Presence 8

partial eclipse
the sky darkens then lightens
my filter coffee

Presence 11

of the next speaker&rsquos
briefcase catches

Presence 13

night jasmine
trying to find it ...
the yellow half moon

Presence 14

Hokusai’s wave
on her t-shirt:
she strokes my ankle

Presence 15

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