Ian Storr

Dozing after the sales ...
beyond the window lights
snow thickens

Presence 18

New century—
on the roman road crossing the moor
our stretched shadows

Presence 15

Stone troughs full of flowers—
the yellow butterfly
settles nowhere

Presence 21

Moving day
I show the new owner the knack
with the back door

Presence 23

The sun through curtains
I drift out of dreams
to my place in the world

Presence 26

A lemon dawn—
across the estuary
the lights along the docks

Presence 26

The sandbar in autumn sun ...
a crow hops onto
a drifting log

Presence 26

More an ache than sorrow
this second anniversary ...
falling on shrouded hills
and reservoir
the wet november snow

Presence 27

butterflies among the brambles in a field of bricks

Presence 28

Tropical evening
past high cranes and tower blocks
the weaving swifts

Presence 27

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