David Steele

dimly visible
against the driving rain
the willow leans

Presence 1

all summer long
the river’s edge just laps
against the steps

Presence 1

a setting sun
between the branches
the last leaf falls

Presence 2

taut grasses
the mushroom’s whiteness

Presence 5

bright winter sun
      and a few steps barefoot
      over frosty grass

Presence 7

distant market sounds ...
        folding back a piece of cloth
        he shows dark truffles

Presence 9

collecting cat hairs
for its nest—the sparrow
with whiskers

Presence 10

one jump—
the grandchild has missed
the frog

Presence 13

one bloom
from the kerria falls
into the white cat’s grave

Presence 13

warm rain
within the courtyard
scent of lillies

Presence 14

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