Fred Schofield

winter morning
waiting for the shower
to warm

Presence 5

long wait
with you
in the hospital—
clock on the wall
not quite straight

Presence 15

first tiff for years—
we storm out
and buy each other presents

Presence 17

steady rain
bubbles around the duck
as it dives

Presence 18

mist in the pines
the farmer turns
to watch his plough

Presence 18

long orchestral phrases
an aircraft climbs
into cloud

Presence 20

dog with the ball
tries each bench
for a thrower

Presence 22

a storm threatens—
the sway of bees
on willowherb

Presence 26

lute music
the window open
to fine rain

Presence 28

youth hostel pudding
all the spoons
a different shape

Presence 28

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