Helen Robinson

river tide       rippling       shore to shore

Presence 18

returning home
I unlock
the quiet
of my life

Presence 4

you have missed
the autumn flaming
of my cherry tree
by tomorrow
the leaves will be gone

Presence 6

here I am settled
into my winter
your sunshine would only start
an untimely

Presence 9

this end of my life
I still see
pink roses
in the half-dark

Presence 18

evening sunshine
on the ploughed field
furrows deepen

Presence 19

cool afternoon
a downpouring
of blackbird song

Presence 21

in the golden ring
of the blackbird's eye
morning sunshine

Presence 23

the lake island:
a heron hunched
into its folded wings

Presence 28

a sharp chill probing old scars

Presence 20

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