Vanessa Proctor

silent lake
a pond-skater slides
across the treetops

Presence 14

family funeral
sweat moistens
the bagpiper’s brow

Presence 20

cricket oval
covering the outfield

Presence 21

explaining haiku
to a student
fading light

Presence 23

morning mist
a solitary figure
on the allotment

Presence 23

postcard from egypt
    the loop
        in her g’s

Presence 26

winter solstice
turning the potted palm
towards the sun

Presence 27

four weeks old
and you've already outgrown
your first set of clothes
how I wish I could stop time
just for a moment

Presence 28


storm clouds
a riderless horse gallops
along the beach

Presence 28

dandelion seeds   my niece chases the breeze

Presence 21

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