Ken Jones

Up by the wood
the bend in the lane
always empty

Presence 7

Tumbled stones
in the falling light
a hawk hovers

Presence 10

the brightly lit interiors
of other people’s lives

Presence 11

On the tip
a wheelchair
still spinning

Presence 14

Bad day ahead
I spread honey
to the far corners of my toast

Presence 15

Couples waiting
in the cancer clinic
hard to tell

Presence 17

Dumped in the forest
the vacant stare
of a three-piece suite

Presence 17

A snail
in the stone lion’s jaws
endless rain

Presence 19

Gnarled fingers
in the flare of a match
a day begins

Presence 20

That moment of peace—
toast, marmalade
and the imagined day

Presence 21

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