LeRoy Gorman

flu season
the elevator opens & closes
on the sneezer

Presence 7

in the wait for song
the swish-swish of cars
in predawn drizzle

Presence 11

in a room without a view
I pour tea from a pot
from far away

Presence 12

hayfield dusk
a pickup runs
from dust it stirs

Presence 16

road to the doctor
stop & start rain
before I know what I've got

Presence 16

where sun never was
where the evergreen was

Presence 19

complete darkness
is the moon
in the doghouse too

Presence 22

still on the road
as the year ends
I phone to tell her
I know where
I am going

Presence 22

just in you ask
did the dog miss me
as if I would not
after years getting
used to you

Presence 27

in the dusty darkness
of memorabilia
my grandmother
in a sunhat
turned yellow

Presence 28

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